Welcome to the Basing Singers’ Web Pages

Basing Singers is an amateur mixed adult choir based in the village of Old Basing near Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. We sing a wide variety of music – you may not like everything we do, but you’re sure to like something, and if your favourite isn’t in our programme there are plenty of opportunities for choir members to make suggestions for future concerts.

Typically we put on 3 major concerts in a year, but we also sing by invitation at other local events.

While the choir itself is not a registered charity, we donate the proceeds of our concerts to charity, after paying our direct expenses and retaining a small contribution to choir funds. The charities are chosen by the choir members. The choir itself is constituted as a members’ club and does not aim to make a profit.

We sing because we enjoy it. There is nothing quite like the pleasure to be had from being part of a true team, where the whole choir sound is infinitely greater than the sum of the individual voices.