Carols at St Mary’s – 2020 style

‘Hurrah’!  That is the word which best sums up feelings of glorious exultation as we started to sing carols together, outside St Mary’s Church in Old Basing, just after three o’clock on the afternoon of Saturday the nineteenth of December in the year two thousand and twenty anno domini!

Stuart had set up his loudspeaker on its stand, just outside the entrance to the lobby between the Church and the Parish Room. Mile L had placed paper plates on the grass at carefully measured two metre intervals – each plate showing the name of the singer (or two singers from the same bubble) who must stand there in their allotted place.

As the music sounded and we started to sing it dawned on me that our group of twenty individuals spaced at two metre intervals were not real carol singers. Indeed it was quite surreal to just hear my own voice, a couple of soprano voices and Mike L’s voice from what sounded like a great distance. Had it not been for the pre-recorded music I think we may well have given up after the first verse of the first carol!

After we had finished singing Stuart said that from where he was standing the combined voices plus the taped organ music sounded quite good – he used the word ‘balanced’. We even gathered a small audience as pedestrians on the footpath by the Parish Room stopped to listen.

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